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Shed 1
Starfood Market

Experience shopping for all your locally sourced produce while enjoying a variety of gourmet foods.

This Shed brings under one roof, the ultimate in gourmet food in a market environment with some of Gauteng’s most talented Food Artists to offer you a food experience like never before.

Enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of our onsite bakery, and pop into the lovely German butchery, get your fresh fruit or veggies from our farmers, and don’t miss the authentic dairy that will be stocking fresh homemade yoghurts, cheeses, and the old school farm fresh milk in a glass bottle.

Sit for a while at the French-style café for a coffee and fresh cake of the day or stock up on delicatessen sauces, jams, pickles, fresh flowers, raw honey, cannabis, pancakes not to mention all the other artisanal offerings.

Wednesday - Friday: 9am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm

Nestled in the heart of the Star Food Market, you will find Bettina’s Café.


The antique teacups and teacup oil painting complete the vintage look and you just know you have found somewhere special: That ‘Old School’ Cosy Café with delicious home-baked treats!


At Bettina’s, we pride ourselves on freshly home-baked cakes, french tarts, and quiches.


We specialize in 100% pure arabica coffee mostly of African Fairtrade origin. Francine is a qualified Coffee barista; she has a passion for her trade and can brew you the perfect cuppa! If coffee is not your taste, we also have a wide selection of herbal teas.


Euro was started in 1990 by Matthias Küpper, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable German master butchers in South Africa.


Euro started off as a small speciality German butchery and deli offering everything from uniquely crafted fresh meats for the braai to traditional European sausages, hams, cold meats, and salami for everyone to enjoy.

Matthias then received his golden master butcher certificate in 2011 after being a master butcher for 50 years which was also a certificate his father managed to get in 1986. To this day Euro is still the only meat processor in South Africa, if not Africa with these golden certificates behind its name.

 Euro’s quality through tradition speaks for itself by using the accumulated experience and knowledge over the years to create the most superior products for everyone to enjoy.


Our range of products are all handmade, artisan products made the old-fashioned way. It all started with buying calves and raising them by hand. Soon these “calves” had calves of their own and their milk had to be used in some way.

We source our Jersey milk from our family dairy. The milk is tested weekly for butterfat, somatic cell count, protein & bacterial count. 
The milk is always A-grade quality, antibiotic-free with no added hormones.


Our products like Cream cheese, Cottage cheese, Halloumi, Feta, Butter, Buttermilk, Labneh, Amazi, Mascarpone, Crème Fraiche & Strained Yoghurts do not contain any stabilizers(starches) and or preservatives.

We are intent on producing a quality product with wholesome goodness. For us, quality is far more important than quanitity.

Dirla Homestead Breakfast Cheese.jpeg


Welcome to Graziella's Best Foods, where passion for authentic Italian ingredients meets quality and unbeatable prices. I'm Lella, a true Italian enthusiast who finds immense joy in the art of cooking and savouring delicious Italian dishes (spaghetti and meatballs or homemade pizza).


Whether you're a fellow aficionado or a curious food lover, I invite you to explore our website, where we bring the heart of Italy to your kitchen through a curated selection of imported Italian food products. Join me on a culinary journey as we embrace the flavours, traditions, and excellence that make Italian cuisine so irresistible

For all your imported Italian food; cheese, pasta, cold meats, olives, olive oils, balsamic, tomato sauce, pizza bases.


New Moon's broad range of botanicals have been carefully hand produced to assist in our everyday experience relating to our mood, energy levels, intestinal fortitude, immune activity, blood pressure, glucose metabolism and how we experience pain, stress and sleep patterns.


Shop at New Moon Botanicals for your range of Immune Care and Botanical High concentrate CBD OILs, for body, skin and hair care for the whole family, including your pets.

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The Braai Box offers freshly Prepared Smoked & Grilled Meats & Sausages (Beef / Lamb / Chicken /Pork) all served on Fresh Artisanal Breads.  


We specialize in A+ Quality Fruit and Vegetables that that are handled and delivered with care. All our products are sourced from local South African Farmers.


Redefining Gourmet Take-Away Seafood by bringing nothing but the highest quality food to your neighbourhood.


Fresh, Uncooked Sauces & Pastes.

You'll go WOW!

SMF Boba-Licious Bubble Tea .jpg

Bubble Tea is an incredibly unique-looking beverage.

Are recipe is made by blending a tea base with flavoured milk powder or a fruit syrup then adding the signature "bubble" to tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom of the cup.


All our products are homemade and freshly sourced from local suppliers, and produced by hand by Harry using his grandmother's recipes that have been passed down to him from his mother Maria.


We specialize in Mediterranean Greek-influenced Shawarmas with the freshest filling of meat like Greek Lamb or beef or chicken, an amazing offering of salads and pickles, and plenty to choose.

We make Middle-eastern Pizzas called Pide. Greek lamb with marinated brinjals and feta cheese. Morrocan beef Mince with peppadews. Chicken and butternut with feta cheese. Vegetarian roast veg and many more great pizzas to choose from.


Maria's Mediterranean Shawarma and Mediterranean foods come and spoil your family with healthy and fresh, homemade handmade amazing food.

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Sweet Angels Artisan Confectionary is essentially a design kitchen. A place where innovation, creativity and passion are expressed as culinary excellence. We are uncompromising in our standards for authentic flavour, natural ingredients and true culinary art.


Our flagship range will always be our internationally unique fudges – Over 100 flavours and forms. At Sweet Angels we make slow fudges - nothing rushed… true pleasure never is. No expense is spared in the making of our artisanal fudges. We have elevated fudge-making to a new dimension by creating a unique premium product; a very special skill perfected over time.


Cream fudges, Cheesecake fudges, Nougat fudges, Dessert fudges, Christmas Cake fudge… Need we say more?

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