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In line with our Prison Break Market name, the venue name was selected after the name of one of the oldest prisons in the world, that had various artists through time perform and entertain the prisoners and guards, which is exactly what we plan to do here…Entertain You!


The unique architectural design and versatility of the venue lends itself to cater for any event that you have your heart set on hosting or being a part of. With a sensational view of the Sandton skyline, one would be forgiven for not feeling far away from the city lights while enjoying the aesthetics of the building and the tranquillity of the park, all while nestled in an open market arena.

Besides being able to rent the venue for special occasions, both corporate and private, the team at San Quentin also plan events for the general public from Grand Prix Sundays being shown on a large LED Video-wall, to breath-taking production shows, The Spring Gala, Stand-Up Comedy Thirstday’s and so much more!