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Plus size me wants comfort, always…… style, quality, elegance, and versatility. Plus size me wants to feel sexy and confident.  Plus size me wants easy wearing, dress me up, dress me down, interchangeable goodies that complement my every mood.  Plus size me wants to look professional at the office, relax on a weekend trip to the beach, glamorous on my night out to the theatre.

Me, personally – I haven’t made peace with being plus size, but I know why, I’m uncomfortable! I don’t have a full-length mirror at home, and quite frankly I hardly ever look at myself “completely”, I have made peace with not looking like I want to, but I know one thing, I MUST be comfortable!  If I feel comfortable, then I am confident, relaxed, equal, and I can look the world squarely in the eyes, regardless of what It thinks of me!

I’m a woman, I like shopping for clothing, but I can’t just go shopping, I have to search to find the right fit, and comfort, and flattery aspect!  The right colour, the right texture, the right feel!  To get all those things in one place..hardly ever happens!

So, I decided to do something about that!  Like creating my own range of clothing!