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The concept and design are the brainchild of developer and owner Peter Gillespie who has traveled the world extensively and closely watched how markets have vendors unpacking to set up and packing up at the end of a day. He simply felt it was an inefficient way to trade in the conditions most markets operate under, while he closely looked at how they created temporary spaces with converted old industrial buildings.

And so his dream was to create a midway environment between a pop-up market and shopping center, as well as to give a base to crafters to permanently be able to manufacture goods in front of clients and encourage them to teach their trade while enjoying the benefits of selling the end product.


Our property also tastefully boasts numerous unique, quirky, historic, and collector pieces of ‘stuff’ both through the buildings or on the grass areas that over the years have been collected and restored to bring some nostalgia to the folk who visit the market.